Residential fencing helps to create an attractive boundary, increasing the safety and security of a home. When choosing a new residential fence, you want to be sure that you have invested in a product that will last for decades to come without requiring a lot of maintenance.

At Fencing & Railing Solutions, we recommend aluminum fencing for nearly every fence installation. Why? When you compare aluminum fences to all other materials, the clear winner is aluminum.

Aluminum vs Wood Fences

A wood fence can be an attractive addition to any home and is certainly a cost-effective choice. However, a wood fence simply can’t stand the test of time. Over time, wood absorbs moisture, causing it to peel, warp, splinter, crack, and ultimately rot.

Although paints and stains can help to slow down this process, it results in additional time and money spent on a fence that will only last for so long.

Wood attracts insects like carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and termites. The damage caused by these wood-burrowing creatures can be catastrophic.

In contrast, aluminum is powder-coated and never needs to be painted or stained. It is waterproof and will never rust, rot, or weaken from exposure to moisture. Even better, insects don’t care about living in or eating metal.

Aluminum vs Steel

Steel is indeed an upgrade from wood. It won’t rot like wood or splinter. It will, however, rust. Steel is also very heavy, making it difficult to ship and install.

If changes need to be made to a steel fence, the section must be moved to a location where it can be welded, incurring additional expenses.

Aluminum is lightweight, making it very easy to ship and move. It can be modified in the field but typically, aluminum is perfect when it leaves the manufacturer.

Aluminum vs Vinyl

Vinyl is the one material that can truly compete with aluminum. If you’re interested in learning more about vinyl fencing, you can shop a great selection at our sister website, Plastic Lumber Yard.

Buy Residential Fencing That Lasts

When you choose aluminum for your residential fence, you’re investing in a product that will last for decades. Contact our team with any questions that you may have.



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