Ultra Aluminum™ Commercial Ornamental Fence

Enhance the aesthetic and security of your commercial property with the stylish and durable ornamental aluminum fencing from Ultra Aluminum™. The extensive collection of commercial-grade fence styles offers the perfect blend of beauty, strength, and low-maintenance convenience, providing exceptional value for your investment.

Whether you need to secure your property, define boundaries, or simply add a touch of elegance, Ultra Aluminum™ has the ideal solution.

Customize Your Commercial Fence

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Commercial Fence Bottoms

Flush Bottom Aluminum Fence from Ultra

Flush Bottom

Standard Bottom Aluminum Fence

Standard Bottom

Commercial Fence Top Styles

UAF 200 Flat Top

UAF 200 Flat Top

UAF 250 Aluminum Fence Flat Top with Spears

UAF 250 Flat Top with Spears

UAF 201 Flat Top Aluminum Fence from Ultra

UAF 201 Flat Top

UAS 100 Spear Top

UAS 100 Spear Top

UAL 100 Loop Top

UAL 100 Loop Top

UAS 150 Staggered Spear

UAS 150 Staggered Spear

UAS 101 Spear Top Aluminum Fence

UAS 101 Spear Top

UAS 300 Concave Spear Top

UAS 300 Concave Spear Top

UAS 350 Convex Spear Top

UAS 350 Convex Spear Top

Commercial Fence Posts

Commercial posts are available in 2” x 2” (.080 and .125) or 2.5” x 2.5” (.100), 3” x 3” (.125) or 4” x 4” (.125) (Blanks Only).

Ultra Aluminum Line Post

Line Post

Ultra Aluminum End Fence Post

End Post

Ultra Aluminum Corner Post

Corner Post

Ultra Aluminum Blank Post

Blank Post

Rackability – Choose From 3 Options

Fence rackability refers to the ability of a fence to maintain a level and consistent top and bottom line, even when installed on uneven terrain.

Standard Rackability - Ultra Aluminum Fence

Standard (0'' - 6'')

Medium Rackability (0''- 20'') Ultra Aluminum Fence

Medium (0''- 20'')

Heavy Rack Ultra Aluminum Fence

Heavy (0'' - 36'')

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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Aluminum Fencing

Ready to learn more? Find answers to your commercial fencing questions here.

How Long Will A Commercial Aluminum Last?

When you invest in a high-quality commercial aluminum fence like those from Ultra Aluminum™, your fence may last 50 years or more! That’s far longer than wood, steel, or iron fences.

Are Aluminum Fences Suitable For Areas With Extreme Weather Conditions?

Yes. Ultra Aluminum™ fences and their PowerCoat™ finish have undergone rigorous testing in all environments. The aluminum alloy can withstand temperature extremes, humidity, sun, and wind.

What Is Rackability And What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Rackable Fence?

As was stated above, rackability refers to a fence’s ability to keep a level and consistent top and bottom line when installed on uneven terrain, like a slope.

Rackability offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved aesthetics: A racked fence looks more visually appealing than a “stepped” fence, where each panel sits level with the ground, leading to gaps and an uneven appearance.
  • Enhanced stability: Racking helps ensure that the fence is properly anchored in the ground, which is especially important on slopes where erosion can be a concern.
  • Reduced maintenance: By eliminating gaps, racking helps prevent debris and water from accumulating under the fence, which can lead to rot and decay.
  • Increased versatility: Rackability allows fences to be installed on a wider variety of terrain, making them a good option for properties with slopes or uneven ground.

Are there any specific regulations or codes that need to be considered when installing commercial aluminum fences?

Fence-related laws, regulations, and zoning vary by area. Be sure to check with your local municipality or county to learn more about the possible zoning and building permits that are required before installing a commercial fence. If you have already hired a fence installation company, they should be able to provide you with the information you need.