Ultra Aluminum™ Industrial Ornamental Fence

Need top-tier security? Ultra’s Industrial Aluminum Fence stands strong. This aluminum fence gives you peace of mind with its uncompromising strength and versatile options.

Unmatched Strength:

  • Thicker gauge: 1″ pickets and 1-5/8″ rails for robust protection.
  • Superior alloy: Only the strongest aluminum alloys are used, with more material in Ultra rails than competitors.
  • Expertly crafted: Individually designed and factory assembled with stainless steel fasteners for lasting durability.
  • Durable finish: AAMA 2604-compliant powder coat for weather resistance and long-lasting beauty.

Flexible Options:

  • Heights: 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″, 96″, 108″, and 120″ to meet your specific needs.
  • Lengths: 6′ and 8′ pre-assembled sections for efficient installation.
  • Customizable: Other widths and heights may be available upon request.

Customize Your Industrial Fence

View all available options below and submit the industrial fence form for a custom quote.

Industrial Fence Bottoms

Aluminum Fence with Standard Bottom

Standard Bottom

Flush Bottom Aluminum Fence from Ultra

Flush Bottom

Industrial Fence Top Styles

UAF 200 Flat Top

UAF 200 Flat Top

UAF 250 Aluminum Fence Flat Top with Spears

UAF 250 Flat Top with Spear

UAS 100 Spear Top

UAS 100 Spear Top

UAS 150 Staggered Spear

UAS 150 Staggered Spear

UAS 101 Spear Top Aluminum Fence

UAS 101 Spear Top

UAS 300 Concave Spear Top

UAS 300 Concave Spear Top

UAS 350 Convex Spear Top

UAS 350 Convex Spear Top

UAD 100 Defender Spear Top

UAD 100 Defender Spear Top

Industrial Aluminum Fence Posts

Ultra Aluminum Line Post

Line Post

Ultra Aluminum End Fence Post

End Post

Ultra Aluminum Corner Post

Corner Post

Ultra Aluminum Blank Post

Blank Post

Rackability – Eliminate Gaps to Enhance Security

Standard Rackability - Ultra Aluminum Fence

Standard (0'' - 6'')

Medium Rackability (0''- 20'') Ultra Aluminum Fence

Medium (0''- 20'')

Heavy Rack Ultra Aluminum Fence

Heavy (0'' - 36'')

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