DECRA – A Roof That Lasts A Lifetime

When it’s time to invest in a new roof you want to choose a roofing material that will last for as long as possible. Of all of the materials available on the market, stone-coated metal roofing from DECRA is the best option.

When properly installed and maintained, a DECRA roof can last for 40-70 years!

Stone-Coated Metal Roofing That Can Handle Extreme Weather

DECRA has been designed and tested to withstand some of the most extreme weather on the planet. Homes and businesses with this metal roof installed have been protected during tornados, hurricanes, and snowstorms.

DECRA roofing systems come with a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty states that the roof can withstand winds up to 120 mph and hail of up to 2.5 inches in diameter.


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