Discover Ultra Aluminum Railing

The Ultra Aluminum Railing series below comes factory-assembled. If you’re looking for boxed railing kits, check out our Ultra Max® Boxed Railing Kits.

Ultra Signature® Post-to-Post Aluminum Railing

Ultra Post-to-post railing system on a patio
Ultra UAR-200-2R Post to Post Railing


Ultra UAR-200-3R Post to Post Railing


Ultra UAR-220-3R Post to Post Railing


Ultra UAR-250-3RS


Ultra UAR-270-3R Post to Post Railing


Ultra UAG-200-2R Post to Post Railing with Glass


Ultra UAG-270-3R Post to Post Railing with Glass


**Please note, the tempered glass inserts must be sourced locally and are not included.

Ultra Signature® Continuous Aluminum Railing

ultra signature continuous railing on apartment buildings
Ultra Continuous Railing Profile Options
Ultra UARC-200-2R Continuous Railing


Ultra UARC-200-3R


Ultra UARC-220-3R Continuous Railing


Ultra - UARC-250-3RS Continuous Railing


Ultra UARC-270-3R Continuous Railing


Ultra UAGC-200-2R Continuous Railing with Glass


Ultra UAGC-270-3R Continuous Railing with Glass


**Please note, the tempered glass inserts must be sourced locally are are not included.

Ultra Aluminum™ Juliette Balconies

Made in America, Ultra Juliette Balconies are created from strong aluminum alloys, with welded corners, welded balusters, and flanges for a secure connection to the building.

Ultra Aluminum™ Juliette Balconies

Unmatched peace of mind comes with every Ultra Juliette Balcony. Choose from two elegant styles and an array of colors, all protected by a lifetime warranty against cracks, chips, and peels.

Invest In Ultra Aluminum


Ultra Aluminum Lifetime Warranty

Person Welding Aluminum Railing and Fencing

Welded Connections and Joints

Ultra Railing with Black Powder Coating Finish

Made with High-strength Ultrum™ Alloy

man installing black aluminum railing

Simple Installation

Frequently Asked Questions About Aluminum Railing

How much maintenance does aluminum railing require?

Almost no maintenance is required to keep aluminum railing looking fresh and new. Simply clean the railing when needed and check twice yearly for damage.

Does aluminum railing meet safety code requirements?

Yes, Ultra is qualified as an approved fabricator under the Intertek CCRR evaluation report. However, it’s always important to check your local building codes to ensure everything meets local regulations.

How does aluminum railing stand up to extreme weather conditions?

Aluminum can withstand temperature extremes. It performs in the Florida heat and humidity just as well as it does in the dead of winter in Montana. It’s a versatile material that can be installed in any climate.