Discover Ultra Aluminum™ Residential Fences

Ultra Aluminum™ Residential Fencing is a low-maintenance, strong, and durable decorative fence with a classic wrought-iron look. It is made with the strongest aluminum alloys and incorporates 20% more aluminum in all rails than most competitors. The fence is factory-assembled with stainless-steel fasteners and protected with a powder coat finish. Ultra Aluminum™ Residential Fencing comes in 6’ lengths and the following heights:  36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, and 72”.

Below you can browse the available styles of residential aluminum fences.

Residential Fence Bottoms

Flush Bottom Aluminum Fence from Ultra

Flush Botton

Standard Bottom Aluminum Fence

Standard Bottom

Ultra Aluminum™ Residential Fence Top Styles

UAF 200 Flat Top

UAF 200 Flat Top

UAF 250 Aluminum Fence Flat Top with Spears

UAF 250 Flat Top with Spear

UAF 201 Flat Top Aluminum Fence from Ultra

UAF 201 Flat Top

UAS 100 Spear Top

UAS 100 Spear Top

UAL 100 Loop Top

UAL 100 Loop Top

UAS 150 Staggered Spear

UAS 150 Staggered Spear

UAS 101 Spear Top Aluminum Fence

UAS 101 Spear Top

UAS 300 Concave Spear Top

UAS 300 Concave Spear Top

UAS 350 Convex Spear Top

UAS 350 Convex Spear Top

Aluminum Fence Post Options

Ultra Aluminum Line Post

Line Post

Ultra Aluminum End Fence Post

End Post

Ultra Aluminum Corner Post

Corner Post

Ultra Aluminum Blank Post

Blank Post

Rackability – Choose From 3 Options

Standard Rackability - Ultra Aluminum Fence

Standard (0'' - 6'')

Medium Rackability (0''- 20'') Ultra Aluminum Fence

Medium (0'' - 20'')

Heavy Rack Ultra Aluminum Fence

Heavy (0'' - 36'')

Frequently Asked Questions About Ornamental Aluminum Fences

Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions. For warranty information and fencing specifications, visit our Ultra Aluminum™ resources page.

How Often Does Ultra Aluminum™ Fencing Need To Be Painted?

You won’t need to paint your aluminum fence! Ultra Aluminum™ fences are coated with a PowerCoat™ finish through an electrostatic process. PowerCoat™ finish is a powder coat that is harder than paint. It’s highly resistant to scratches, chips, and peeling.