Imagine sitting on your deck or balcony, enjoying the stunning views of the ocean. But your view is partially obstructed by your bulky, wooden railing. And you’re worried about the salt air and sea spray damaging your railing over time.

If you live in a coastal region, you know that choosing the right railing for your deck or balcony is important. You need a railing that is durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing. A stainless steel cable railing is the perfect solution for coastal homeowners and businesses.

The Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Cable Railing

Our team has created a list of the pros and cons associated with cable railing to help you on your buying journey. 


  • Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for coastal environments where exposure to saltwater, humidity, and harsh weather conditions is common. It doesn’t rust or corrode, ensuring a long-lasting and low-maintenance solution.
  • Durability: Stainless steel is known for its exceptional strength and durability. It can withstand the elements. 
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Stainless steel cable railing has a sleek and modern appearance that complements a variety of architectural styles. It provides an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape, making it a popular choice for coastal properties with beautiful ocean or waterfront views.
  • Low Maintenance: Stainless steel cable railings require minimal maintenance. They are easy to clean with water and mild soap, and they don’t need painting or staining like some other railing materials.
  • Safety: Cable railings offer safety without compromising the view. The cables are typically spaced closely enough to prevent children or pets from slipping through while still allowing for an open and airy feel.
  • Customizable: Stainless steel cable railings can be customized to fit the specific design and layout of your property. You can choose different cable thicknesses, railing post styles, and finishes to achieve the desired look.
  • Versatility: They can be installed both indoors and outdoors. This versatility allows for consistent design elements throughout your coastal property.
  • Easy Installation: Stainless steel cable railing systems are relatively easy to install, even for those who are looking for a do-it-yourself railing project.


There are very few cons associated with cable railing. 

  • Reduced Privacy: Cable railings provide an open and airy feel, but they may not offer the same level of privacy as solid railings or privacy screens, which is a consideration for some homeowners.
  • Potential for Cable Spacing Changes: Over time, the tension in the cables can change due to factors like temperature fluctuations, which might affect the uniformity of cable spacing. Cable tension should be checked yearly and adjusted accordingly.

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