It’s easy to get a list of fence contractors in your local area – simply perform a Google search. What isn’t easy is determining which company will do the best job. 

How To Determine If A Fence Contractor Is Reputable

Here are questions that you need to answer to select the best contractor to install your new aluminum fence. 

How Long Has the Company Been in Business? 

Every fence installation is different and has unique challenges. A company with a long track record of successful installations will know how to handle unexpected problems when they arise. 

That being said, a contractor can have many years of experience with fence installation but have just recently started their own company. Be sure to ask about a prior experience if the company is fairly new.

Are Fence Installation References Available Upon Request?

References should be available upon request. If the contractor is a general contractor who does more than fence installations, don’t accept any references. There’s a huge difference between installing a fence and a window installation. Speak with former customers who are happy with their fence. 

Is The Contractor Bonded and Insured?

If a contractor isn’t insured and your property is damaged, you could be left footing the bill for any repairs the need to be made. 

When a contractor is bonded, they have purchased a surety bond to guarantee its legal and financial obligations. Many states and cities require all contractors to be bonded. 

Is a Written Warranty Provided?

Is an installation warranty offered? What does it cover? Does it cover only the labor or the cost of materials? A good contractor will offer a minimum three-year warranty with six or nine-year warranties also commonly offered. 

What is Their Better Business Bureau Rating or Google Review Rating?

Check out the available online reviews to determine if the majority of former customers are happy with their experience. 

Always Get Multiple Fence Installation Quotes

There’s nothing wrong with shopping around! Once you’ve narrowed down your options, contact each one for a custom quote. When the representative arrives, here are some questions you’ll want to ask. 

  1. Does the company obtain the necessary permits? 
  2. Will the company contact the utility company to determine where lines could be? 
  3. If a slope on the property exists, how will they approach installation on the slope? 
  4. How large is the crew? 
  5. How long before work can begin and how quickly do they expect to finish the job? 
  6. What will the contract and payment terms be? 

Keep notes so that you can make comparisons once all quotes have been obtained.