Aluminum Slat Fence – Privacy Without Blocking Airflow

This aluminum slat fence is a great option for those who crave privacy while still preserving airflow.

Slat Fencing – Quick Install Kits

It doesn’t matter if you’re a contractor or a homeowner who loves do-it-yourself projects – this aluminum fence is a dream come true.

Made from aluminum, the third most abundant element on the planet, this high-quality fence is perfect for small and large projects. Use it as a privacy divider between units on a rental property or encase acres of land for safety and security.

Aluminum fencing isn’t lacking in strength, however, it’s incredibly lightweight making it easy to transport and install.

Modern Fencing Made From High-Quality Materials

Looking for a modern look? You’ve found it.

This slat fence is attractive, strong, and low-maintenance. It can handle weather extremes without warping, rotting, or cracking. It’s insect-proof, eliminating the possibility of damaging or weakening caused by carpenter bees, carpenter ants, or wood burrowing beetles.

Fencing Protected By A Powder Coating

Long-term color stability is provided by a durable powder coating. Ideal for any climate, hot or cold! Never worry about painting or staining again.


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