A damaged roof can result in damage to the rest of the home which is why it’s important to make repairs as quickly as possible. Eventually, every roof needs to be replaced. This process can seem daunting but it can be broken down into manageable steps. 

Steps To Take When It’s Time For A Roof Replacement 

Let’s break down the roof replacement process from beginning to end.

Schedule An Inspection Of The Roof

A roofing inspector provides a home or business owner with an unbiased assessment of the condition of the roof. It also provides information on whether or not the original roof was installed correctly, identifying areas that may need changes or improvement outside of the installation of the roofing material. 

Need help finding a roofing inspector? Check out the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association

Research Roofing Materials

The original material used on the roof may not be the best option. There are many options available the market, some of the most popular being asphalt, wood, and clay or concrete tiles. While these are all decent options, none of them provide the benefits that come with the installation of DECRA metal roofing. 

A DECRA metal roof is arguably the most durable roofing material on the market. DECRA comes in shingles, shakes, and tiles, each one made from steel that has been coated with stone granules. A properly installed DECRA roof lasts between 40-70 years!

DECRA comes with an incredible warranty, protecting against damage from hail up to 2.5 inches in diameter and winds up to 120 mph! 

Find A Contractor

It’s always important to find a contractor who has excellent reviews and who can provide references. Be sure to get estimates from multiple contractors and ask them for homes in the local area where you can view their work. 

Determine If The Installation Will Be A Roof Over Or Replacement

In some cases, it is appropriate to install the new roofing material over the old. This is a decision that should come after talking at length with the contractor. 

Order The Materials And Schedule The Roofing Job

Soon a brand new roof will be installed, protecting the building from all of the elements! 

Can A DECRA Roof Be Installed In Any Climate? 

Yes! DECRA metal roofs have been designed to withstand anything that Mother Nature comes up with, including rain, snow, hail, and wind. It’s an appropriate roofing material for any part of the country! 

Even better, a DECRA roof can help homeowners save up to 25% on energy costs!