Aluminum slat fencing is a relatively new style that has grown tremendously popular over the last decade. In this post, the team at Fencing and Railing Solutions will answer some of the most common questions about this attractive property border. 

Aluminum Slat Fence: Everything You Need To Know

Slat fences made from aluminum can be used for both commercial and residential applications. Here’s what you need to know. 

Are Slat Fence Kits Easy To Install?

Yes! This type of fence is a great option for the DIY home or business owner. Aluminum is very lightweight, making each fence section easy to move and hold during installation. The no-screw system allows for quick and easy installation. 

Is Slat Fencing Durable?

Yes. Our slat fencing is made from high-quality aluminum alloy that is then covered with a powder coating finish. The powder coating isn’t just attractive, it’s also protective. The fence won’t rust, warp, crack, or peel.

Can This Fence Handle High Winds? 

Yes. The fence is made from structural aluminum and is approximately 40% stronger than most aluminum fences. Keep in mind that in hurricane-prone areas, post centers may need to be adjusted to handle wind loads. 

What Colors Are Available? 

This fence model is available in black, gray, and white. We do not currently offer custom color options. 

Is Slat Fencing Rackable? 

Yes, the slat fence available in our online store is rackable and can be installed on an incline. This can be accomplished by stepping the panels. Very large inclines may require the purchase of additional spacers and/or side frame sets for proper installation. 

How Should Aluminum Fence Be Cleaned?

Here’s how to maintain the finish on your aluminum fence: 

Use a mild, nonabrasive household cleaner diluted with water. A perfect option is dish soap. Use a soft brush and rinse thoroughly. 

It’s best to clean the fence every six months unless you live in a mild climate. Those that live on coastlines or in highly polluted areas should clean their fence every three months to avoid the loss of gloss or staining. 

Does The Slat Fence Come With A Warranty?

Yes, our aluminum fence comes with a non-transferable warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials. 

Contact Our Support Team For Additional Information 

If you have additional questions about the aluminum slat fence, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team can be reached at or by calling (610) 466-5482.